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Relationship gurus.

Have you ever wondered why these have become so popular? I have. Mainly because I’ve dated one. And the actual relationship — a total nightmare. In my own experience, by the time someone reaches the status of “thought leader” in love, they become their own worst enemy in love.

They try to coach when they should listen. Try to give answers because they think they have them all.

The problem with this is that no one has answers. So, if you’re following someone to help you find love, I think that you’re likely doing yourself a disservice. …

Women Trash Objects
Women Trash Objects
Image: Dana, by Gregg Segal

They start us young. The manufacturing stage. We are small. Impressionable. Ideal for conditioning. They give us Barbie dolls. Plastic babies. Makeshift kitchens. They dress us in pink sparkles and dainty little slippers.

“How pretty,” they say.

Then, the word teen. It comes so fast. We are ready for distribution. The attention is fierce. It comes from everywhere. Even places it shouldn’t.

Boys. Jobs. And eventually, marriage. Babies. Careers. We are in-demand objects. Immersed in opportunity.

Fear penetrates us. We can’t walk anywhere without looking behind us. We are acutely aware of our surroundings. Everyone wants us. …

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We all know that being told you are wrong feels like shit. But, in order for you to be right, inevitably someone else needs to be wrong.

And, in this culture that’s been established — a culture where being a white, CIS male is a trait that makes a person inherently wrong — a stage has been set. A stage designed to acknowledge [and celebrate] a leader who represents the notion that being wrong is actually okay.

Donald Trump is the embodiment of everything that progressive, liberal culture attempts to make wrong. His life is a series of perceived missteps…

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Humans are motivated by purpose.

So, why is it that our current economic infrastructure is built on survival? And, not purpose?

In 2009, Daniel H. Pink wrote a book on what motivates people to be high performers.

Hint: It’s not money.

After going through over four decades of scientific research, Pink’s book Drive concluded that there are 3 key factors needed in order for people to feel fulfilled in their jobs:

(1) Mastery — Are there opportunities for growth and learning?
(2) Autonomy — Is there freedom and control over their environment? …

“Cuties” Netflix | 2000

Every so often a bold artistic endeavor emerges, that is courageous enough to ask the question: “Do parents actually know what their kids are up to?”

If you were a teenager growing up in the nineties, you probably remember one of these valiant gestures presented in the form of a film called Kids.

Kids stirred up a ton of controversy. It aimed to depict some of the most extreme circumstances that teens [and even pre-teens] were either curious about, or already engaging in. …

Lincoln City, Oregon 2019 | © Septima Elle

2020 has undoubtedly been a year filled with tragedy. Amidst all of it, watching the Pacific coastline go up in flames has taken a considerable toll on my own soul. And, I know that many others who grew up in the region, are currently experiencing that same anguish.

The Astrophysicist Herbert Reeves once said, “Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. Unaware that the Nature he’s destroying is the God he’s worshipping.”

Anyone who grew up in the [uniquely-stunning pocket of the world known as the] Pacific Northwest, understands deeply what…

AIDS (1991) x Coronavirus (2020)| Source: New York Times

In 1980, a man in San Francisco was showing signs of a weakened immune system, so he sought medical help. The diagnosis — Kaposi Sarcoma (a rare form of cancer).

The following year, his diagnosis would be revised. Retroactively making his case, the first recorded of a new virus in the United States.

By now it was 1981. And, this new virus had been spreading throughout the country for over a year. And, it wasn’t just confined to the United States. Reports of cases in Canada, Brazil, and the UK were popping up.

The virus was rampant.

Now, 40 years…

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